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Our business is far more than just a website where you can buy cars. We’re building a faff-free, end-to-end customer experience – and at every point on the journey, there are many opportunities to drive your career forward.

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From tech to customer support, at cinch, there are so many opportunities for you to grow a career. We are made up of teams and tribes, but we work as one, with one goal in mind; to digitise the car owning experience. See where you could fit in…

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Product is a major part of what cinch produces. Their team is highly agile and provides cinch continuous improvement methods to their product journey. They design and manage the roadmap, outlining build objectives 3/6/12 months in advance and planning their squad’s schedule to achieve these plans.

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Opportunities at cinch

As you can see, the opportunities at cinch are endless. Roles at cinch are less about ticking boxes and more about embracing a culture of being challenged, answering questions and finding new ways to continuously hone our customer focus. If you’re looking for a place to stretch your wings, bring new ideas to the table and create something exciting you can do that here – whether that’s in tech, finance or marketing. Find your perfect opportunity here.

How do we inspire our tech community?

  • Autonomy

    Be a part of the vision, not just part of the process.

  • Mastery

    Power your career through fast feedback loops and validated learning.

  • Purpose

    Every day, get better at what you do. It’s what we all want, right?